Cutting and polishing nails

Price: 100, 00 zł

Duration: approx. 20-30 minutes

  • Proper care for the best prophylaxis
  • Attention to the correct growth of the nail
  • Trust with specialists key to healthy and well-grotted feet

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For whom?

Cutting the nails at the foot seems to be a very simple activity that each of us regularly performs. Unfortunately, most do it incorrectly, which often brings To Ingrown nails. Therefore, it is worth to visit the Subcologist regularly to make sure that the nails are cut correctly.

What is the procedure?

The subologist, using sterile tools, truncates the nails in the correct manner. It is very important that the nails at the foot cut off on the straight, because such is their natural shape. Rounding of the sides during trimming leads to unnatural growth of the plaque, which in effect results in the ingrown nail.

The subologist will also take care of the correct length of the nails and their proper grinding, consisting of leveling the thickness of the plate and the free edge of the nails. The treatment is also a photo of keratosis from the surface of the tiles and the nail shafts. The tools used during the treatment are: cęgi, books, diamond cutters, polishing machines, probes. A visit to a subological office is a guarantee of healthy and well-looking nails.



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I wasn’t aware how much you could hurt yourself by cutting your fingernails in the wrong way. Thanks to Satin my problem with ingrown fingernails has disappeared.

Agnes of Warsaw

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