Our Cabinets

Today, Satin is formed by two offices, located in different parts of Warsaw.
Both Satin cabinets are suitable for the reception of patients with disabilities.
Payment by card is possible in all rooms.


Open from Monday to Friday: 9.00-21.00 and Saturdays: 9.00-15.00
Podleśna Podleśna 7, 01-673 Warsaw, Poland
Tel.: 22 833 47 87

The cabinet in Podlesna, opened in 2006 year, is the first of the Satin cabinets and at the same time one of the first subological cabinets in Poland. It consists of 3 fully equipped subological offices, where our specialists are regularly welcomed. In the very close vicinity of the cabinet there is a large parking lot, allowing free parking. The Bielany cabinet is also a subological training site, educating leading subological staff in Poland.


Open from Monday to Friday: 9.00-21.00
Podleśna French 42, 03-906 Warsaw, Poland
Tel.: 22 616 41 04

The cabinet on Saska Kępa was opened in 2013 year. This here adopts our surgeon, who performs such treatments as: surgical treatments of the nail plate, removal of skin lesions or plasticism of nail shafts. In addition, in one of the cabinets regularly adopts physiotherapist, who during the visit performs individual orthopedic pads.

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