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  • Severe cracks

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Causes of formation

  • Too much hard-to-dry epidermal necrolment in the heel area
  • Orthopedic deformities, abnormal foot boring
  • Too much strain on the feet (the problem is more common in obese people)
  • Inadequate hydration of the skin – dry, inelastic epidermis cracks much faster
  • Poor home care, use of inappropriate foot care cosmetics
  • Bad shoes
  • Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, corovine
  • Fungal infections, allergies
  • Endocrine changes, metabolic diseases

The cause may also lie in the genes. Such cases are, however, far less and mainly concern older people who take high doses of medicines and people suffering from rheumatism or exfoliating diseases.


Cracked heels are the most common problem directly related to skin dryness. Although the causes of their formation are many, the element that connects them is the lack or improper care of the feet, resulting in the skin losing its elasticity. We distinguish the cracks moist and dry. The first relate to the sweating or hyperhimoy of the feet. Conversely, the second, much more frequent, is the inseparation of being bound to excessively dry skin. Cracks, as wounds, can be a gateway for fungal, bacterial and viral infections.


If the treatments you can perform yourself at home such as: abrasion of the epidermis, peeling, moistening the skin does not help, well consult a subologist. Untreated, neglected, cracked heels can lead to inflammatory conditions and infections. You must not downplay this problem. Let us remember that the sooner we report to the problem to the subcologist, the quicker and less burdensome the therapy itself will be.


During the treatment of the heel fracture, the subologist mainly deals with the alignment of the fracture edges and the imposition of suitable preparations or relievers. It should be remembered that in the case of a problem of cracking the heel is a vital role of home care and prophylaxis. It plays an important role in the use of specialised recommendations in the context of suitable footwear, orthopedic inserts or socks made of natural materials. If we have to do with the cracked heels that bleed and are painful, the subologist carries out treatment with the use of suitable dressings. In some cases, a referral to a specialist is recommended.


Often even the consultation itself helps to solve the problem. Proper assessment of the condition of the foot, matching preparations to the structure of your epidermal and care treatments will help you to get the desired effect and get rid of this afflictions. The basic advice of our subologists for patients with this problem is: consuming adequate amounts of water, wearing footwear and socks from natural raw materials, daily hygiene and care of a suitably matched preparation.




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