Prophylactic medical pedicure

Price: 140, 00 zł

Duration: approx. 30-40 minutes

  • More than therapeutic pedicure
  • Effective prophylaxis
  • Tens of thousands of treatments performed

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For whom?

Prophylaxis subological Treatment is dedicated to all those for whom the health of the feet and their aesthetic appearance are important. A specialist-a subologist can prevent potential foot problems in a very early phase, according to the principle: “Prevention is better than cure”. Regular subology is a guarantee of effective prophylaxis within the feet regardless of the patient’s age and gender.


Prophylaxis subological Treatment (PZP) is a term invented and developed by Subologists from Satin in 2007 years. By definition, this is a treatment that is aimed at prevention and care, ensuring the health and well-being of feet. PZP is also a diagnosis, allowing early detection of possible changes and elimination of them with the help of appropriate therapies. Prophylaxis subological procedure consists of the development of nails and soles of the feet.

Stages of the PZP

1. Nail Shortening
We shorten our nails with professional pliers, which undergo advanced sterilisation processes after each treatment. Cutting the nails on their own in the wrong way often ends with painful problems, such as. Ingrown nails, so in this matter it is worth to trust our specialist.
2. Develop Nails
Depending on the type of nail plate, suitable cutters for the development of nails are selected.

3. Removal of physiologic keratosis from the soles of the feet
With the help of abrasive caps and scalpel, we remove the keratosis in a completely painless manner.
4. Purification of nail shafts and final treatment of nails
Using special preparations and tools, we clean the nail shafts and remove the skins.
5. Choosing the Right Care preparation
Depending on the type of skin, the subologist massaging a dedicated formulation into the foot.

More than therapeutic pedicure

Prophylaxis subological treatment is more than a therapeutic pedicure. The PZP lasts about half an hour and is always carried out in the cabinet conditions using sterile and disposable tools. After a few minutes, spent on the basic analysis of our feet and possible problems, the subologist joins the proper procedure.
We cut our nails in the right way, at the same time explaining to us how they should be truncated in the future. The subologist also gets rid of the excess of keratinized epidermal patch, removing only the old and superfluous. It does not violate healthy tissue. In addition, it offers us a suitable cosmetic, moisting our feet and keeping them in perfect condition.
Let us remember that this treatment is an element so important for our health prophylaxis.



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I first came to the Satin cabinet 10 years ago with the problem of dry feet. The subologist made me aware of the importance of prophylaxis every day. From now on I care about the feet regularly, coming to the Satin once every 2 months, and my feet are beautiful, healthy and well grotted. Recommend!

Beata from Warsaw

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