Ingrown Nails

Price: starting therapy 200 zł

Duration: Individually, on average from 2 to 5 visits

  • Selection of individual methods for each patient
  • Experience backed by thousands of completed therapies
  • We know how to constantly correct the growth of the nail

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  • Inappropriate footwear: high heel, shoes too narrow in fingers
  • Abnormal trimming of the nails, regular cutting of the “sides” of the tiles
  • Excessive dryness or sweating of the skin
  • Orthopedic Deformities
  • Genetic conditionality
  • Lack of prophylaxis after an ingrown nail surgery – The problem often returns with a multiply force


When the nail plate grows into the skin and damages its structure, causing sensitivity to touch, we have to do with the problem of ingrown nail. A feature of this affliction is the growth of the nail on the sides or the curvature and the curl of the nail plate. This problem is usually accompanied by unsighted redness and pain during walking, which prevents normal functioning. Ignoring these symptoms and the lack of consultation with a specialist leads to exacerbation of pain and, consequently, to inflammation.


Ingrown nails arise when a hard nail plate damages the soft tissue of the skin. Our body, treating an ingrown fingernail like an intruder, mobilizes itself to defend itself. Therefore, ingrown nails are accompanied by pain, sensitivity to touch, and sometimes also inflammation. Improper treatment can quickly lead to bacterial infections and what is associated with much more serious consequences.

In the case of ingrown or screing nails, you should report to the subcologist immediately when we feel any pain or discomfort. Especially if it persists. Such symptoms usually signal a very serious problem, which later can significantly impede walking.


Ingrown nails can have different causes: from poorly chosen shoes, through orthopedic deformities and overgrown nail shafts to the mechanical injuries of the plaque. The Problem of ingrown or screing nails is unfortunately quite common. It affects nearly 15 populations and the highest risk group is covered by individuals between the fifteenth and forty years of age.

There are many methods to remove it: from the Orthoticic buckle, through the Arkady cube, to the surgical procedure. In the Satin cabinets we offer non-invasive and safe treatment methods, and the success of every therapy we conduct lies in the selection of the best solution for a specific problem, with the highest safety and hygiene principles.


Ortho Buckles are one of the best methods of correcting ingrown or screing nails. Buckles are easiest to compare to the orthodontic apparatus assumed on the teeth. They have the task to straightest the nails and restore their corresponding growth path. Among their numerous advantages, it is worth mentioning the painless application process and effective pain relief – pain problems often disappear after the first assumption of the buckle on the nail. In addition, the buckles do not interfere with normal operation. You can walk freely and even practice sports.


The method of treatment using the Arkady cube eliminates the problem of ingrown nails already within 30-40 minutes. The first treatment using this method was performed in May 2009 year. In the arcade method, using the device, which is the arcade cube stabilizes the Paluch. The nail plate is then gently deformed by means of manipulators. The deformation is cured with acrylic – specially developed for the arcades method. In this case, inspection visits are very important, during which the acrylic mass is exchanged. The regular use of the arcade serum is also a huge role, which prevents possible bacterial infections.


The duration of treatment of an ingrown nail is dependent on the development of the disease. In some cases, it may take up to several months. When wearing a buckle, the time depends on the state of development of the condition in which treatment was initiated. Usually the problem is solved after a few, repeated regularly, procedures.
Also, in the case of Arkady treatment, the time depends on the case. The period of therapy depends The degree of deformation of the nail plate and the type of treatments performed before. It is also not irrelevant how long the nails have grown up. In some cases, periodic monitoring visits (repeated every two to four weeks) are necessary after the treatment. During this time, you may need to perform a slight corrective treatment.



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Mr. Andrzej cured my ingrown nails that had grown in for 10 years. I am very pleased, the problem with the head. I recommend, full of professionalism and pleasant contact with the customer.


I am only after the first visit, but surely I have become a constant client. The buckles operate from the first moment. Thank you for your professionalism and pleasant atmosphere. I already recommend a friend just a Satin cabinet, and I’m afraid to think what will be after a few visits. (may not run out of places….;))


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