Dry skin

Price: from 130, 00 zł

Time: approx. 30-40 minutes

  • Effective regeneration and elasticity of the skin
  • Individual selection of skin care preparations
  • Detailed recommendations after the treatment

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The Problem of dry skin is often associated with abnormal work of the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Among the most common symptoms are: itching, burning, roughness, peeling and thickening.


For these symptoms we should react almost immediately, because over time the condition can develop into painful cracks and even cause bleeding and inflammation. During the first visit our subscientists will take care of the proper selection of the preparation, which will properly moisten the skin and strengthen the process of regeneration and elasticity.


In the case of dry skin, the epidermis can crack and exfoliate, causing a feeling of discomfort. The formation of excessive keratosis is also often noted. During the visit of the Subologist, the specialist removes excessive keratosis and transmits thorough recommendations for care at home. A key role, alongside professional and regular subcologist care, in the case of the problem of dry foot skin fully home care. Therefore, an integral part of any visit is the recommendation of professional cosmetics or preparations, individual selected for each patient.


Thanks to preventive treatment and regular use of suitable cosmetics, visible improvement of patients see after the first month. Very important in case of problems with dry skin of the feet is also home care. In our subological cabinets, specialists will indicate appropriate care preparations.


It happens that problems with dryed, keratinized skin are solved even during one visit. Keep in mind, however, that caring for our body is a continual process. Thanks to regular preventive visits and adherence to the recommendations of the subologist, we will be able to enjoy healthy and well-kept feet for years.



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My father comes to Satin for over 4 years. Regular care treatments keep his feet in good shape. Thank you very much.


The professionalism of the Lord’s subologist has exceeded my deepest expectations. I learned everything thoroughly, the problem is getting me less.


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