Mission and values

In Satin clinics patient is the most important for us. That is why we want to help You during podology treatments and therapies in the shortest possible time, making it a “First choice podology clinics”.


Satin contributes to raising awareness of subologies in Poland, setting standards and trying to be a model for other cabinets thanks to a holistic approach and the highest quality of services provided, compliance with service standards , ethical principles and occupational safety.
The success of the Satin cabinets consists in front of all the team of specialists forming and cooperating with the company, for which the subology is a passion. Many years of experience of subologists allows to carry out effective therapies even very complicated cases.
Our determiners are: engagement, individual approach and patient safety and satisfaction.


The nature of the services provided determines the basic principle of safety. Security is understood as a number of structured actions and procedures that determine processes and leave no room for interpretation. It depends on both the health of our patients and the development of the company. Safety is the foundation of all the activities of the Satin cabinets.

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We are the first subological cabinet in Poland, and thus a pioneer of this kind of activity in our country. Every day, we strive to ensure that the Satin subological cabinets set the standards for subological care. The desire for development is a natural consequence of our passion for subology. That is why we are constantly expanding our offer, testing innovative methods of therapy and working with specialists in areas such as surgery and physiotherapy.

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We believe that the highest quality of service is only possible thanks to team activities. A team of subologists working in Satin is characterized by mutual respect, clear rules of cooperation and camaradism. The Satin cabinets have a proprietary training system that allows the subscientists to reach further levels of knowledge and skills. The training scheme, regardless of the subject matter, is based on the transmission of knowledge and skills in the team. That is why it is so important for the company to collaborate in a team based on mutual respect and trust.

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