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I am a permanent patient of Satinu for 3 years. My feet have never been so well-groted and healthy! I recommend to everyone!


Thank you for your help. The problem with the painful corn has passed. I am after the first preventive treatment and I am very happy. I recommend the Satin cabinets to all my friends.


I just finished the warts treatment. Thank you very much. I fully recommend satin clinics.


Thank you to Mr Andrew for your help. My feet finally don’t hurt me.


Clean and tidy. Nice and helpful staff. I recommend it.


It was great. I will definitely become a regular customer.


My father comes to Satin for over 4 years. Regular care treatments keep his feet in good shape. Thank you very much.


Professionally, nice and almost painlessly. ? Recommend


For several years I have strugspersible with the problem of ingrown nails. Only here has cured the problem of my nails. Thank you for this.


Super cabinet. I felt like a doctor here. Recommend


My daughter had a big problem with the Kurzajkami. Thank you very much for your professional approach to the case. Today the wart is gone. If necessary, we will definitely come back here.


I have been a Satin customer for over 3 years. I go on a regular basis for treatments. I’m healthy. With.


Thanks to Mrs Eve, I’ve forgotten what pain is. The imprint disappeared.


The professionalism of the Lord’s subologist has exceeded my deepest expectations. I learned everything thoroughly, the problem is getting me less.


My son started to run again and walk to the pool. The Problem with the ingrown fingernail has been cured. Thank you.

Elizabeth and his son

Beautiful place, professional staff. Super


Mr. Andrzej is great. He helped me with my problems on my feet. I’ve recommended Satin to another friend.


Not once, not two, I walked around the cabinet wondering what really deals with the subologist. I was already on several treatments, I am very pleased.


I was a subologist for the first time but certainly not the last one.


Neat and aesthetically-looking cabinet with a receptionist and Mrs. Hania. I learned everything, I went without pain. I recommend 100 percent.


Staff were friendly and helpful. I am very pleased to have landed in your cabinet


A few nice years I strugspered with the problem of ingrown nails. I’m after therapy. The nails are healthy, nothing hurts. Thank you.


Thank you Mrs. Magdzie for the quick cure of my kurzajek. I can walk again to the pool.


I’m here the second time and I am very pleased with the service. The work of Mrs. Paulina very thorough and professional. Finally I can walk without pain. I will continue to benefit from the treatments.


Nice, friendly and professional. We are very pleased with the treatments and our feet are well maintained. Mrs. Magdo, thank you.

Happy marriage

I was here, it was great, did not hurt at all ?


Thanks to P. Andrzejowi wearing heels has recovered his magic. First time in 5 years. I do not cry, assuming the shoes and do not tighten the teeth walking. P. Andrzej took care of my fingernails in a professional, painless way and was able to talk so that I stopped afraid. The staff was very friendly and helpful.


Thank you Mrs. Kasiu for the cure of my nail.


Mrs. Kasia Sweeps!


Here it is cool!


Greetings to the lady, whom I do not know the name. ? For Mrs. Hani… Thank you! ? Ringworm does not threaten me ?


Expertly, professionally. Without two sentences the cabinet worth the command.


A big thank you to Mrs Kasi! Thanks to the professional help of Mrs. Kasi my problem with nails passed to the ? Lamus big applause for Mrs. Kasi for: accuracy, patience (comprehensive answers to my numerous questions), a nice smile ?

Happy patient

It’s great, and your subologist is nice.


Thank you very much Mrs Hani for his professional care.


I thank the Satin team, especially Kasi for their professional help and a nice atmosphere. Thanks to them my feet do not hurt me! Thank you ?


Mrs. Hania is verbatim nice!


My feet look much better. So well they haven’t looked… And that’s all thanks to Mrs. Kasi, a nice ? and professional and my friends. Thank you for your gift!


I experienced heavy moments because of my ingrown nail. It was terrible! Fortunately, I found myself under the caring and very professional care of Mrs. Hani! The owner is very friendly. Thanks to her treatments at the moment I forgot about my ailments. It’s great! Thanks Mrs. Haniu.


The staff were very friendly and helpful. Recommend!


Nice, professional Mrs. Kasia – Thank you very much for your help. I have already flew another person. The feet received great help and they gained appearance. And all in a friendly atmosphere, trusting in the knowledge presented and making an important honest approach to the client.


I would like to thank you very much for helping to cure your finger, with whom I have been tired for 4 years. There is a very nice atmosphere and a pleasant desire to come here. Mrs. Ewa is a wonderful person and thanks to her help finally I can enjoy anytime. When I first opened the door to the Satin clinic I felt that it was here that I could cure my finger. I am very pleased with the professional care. Thank you so much.


Mrs. EWO thank you for your professional care. You are a nice person!


I was here… ? It turns out if it hurts after a visit…. I’m after the visit, no pain I felt a fingernail healthy. Super! ?


I am very grateful to Mrs Ewa for bringing “to order” my ingrown nails and professional care of my feet and hands. Mrs. Ewa is a very nice person. The atmosphere in Satin is very pleasant. Thank you Mrs. Ewo!


I am happy to have landed in Mrs. Kasi’s hands. He is a wonderful man.


I would like to thank you for the Nice and professional service in the Satin office. I was struggling with the problem of ingrown nails, and thanks to Mrs Ewa Kosieli, for whom there are no things impossible in the field of subology, I can enjoy a healthy fingernails, nothing hurt me.


Excellent service, great and professional staff. Husks for Mrs Kasi ?


I sincerely thank you for your professional care of my feet. Thanks to P. Andrzejowi and all staff I can better, more pleasant to meet professionally.


With hot gratitude for helping my autistic son. Thanks to you he runs again, rides a bike and learns the world. Inserting shoes has ceased to be a nightmare!!! Thank you and we recommend to all who have problems with the FOOTSTEPS.

Cuba and his mom Anna

I visited the cabinet several times and so I can already assess the results of the effort of P. Andrew. Looking at your nails at your feet, I can’t get out of wonder how much they have changed. They were keratinized, ingrown, ugly. Mr. Andrzej has made me do not have to be ashamed or annoy. It is professionally and lovically. I come once a month and it is enough to have the comfort of well-groated feet. I recommend to the right and left. I greet the crew.


Mr. Andrzej cured my ingrown nails that had grown in for 10 years. I am very pleased, the problem with the head. I recommend, full of professionalism and pleasant contact with the customer


I am very glad that I found such a wonderful place where my feet reged “strength, appearance and health”. The staff was very friendly and helpful…. ” I wish all the staff of the Satin cabinet all the best, many nice patients and satisfaction with the work done. I would recommend this place!


I am only after the first visit, but surely I have become a constant client. The buckles operate from the first moment. Thank you for your professionalism and pleasant atmosphere. I already recommend a friend just a Satin cabinet, and I’m afraid to think what will be after a few visits. (may not run out of places….;))


It’s been over a year since I came to Mr. Andrew. Since then I have no complaints and “claws” do not hurt me anymore. Thank you for your current care.


I have strugented with ingrown nails for many years. From a couple of treatments at Mrs. Kasi my problems ended. I am full of admiration for professionalism. I recommend to all Office


Thank you very much for taking care of my feet. Since the time it takes care of them, Mrs. Hania are very well-grotted and hardly hurt. Thank you for this place and this professionalism


For two years I have been cared for, I am very pleased, wonderful people. They helped me a lot. It is very nice and warmly


Thank you so much! Great place! The professionalism of Mrs. Kasi HUGE! I think it’s the best address to take care of yourself! I’m already using 3 years and I’m going to take longer. The staff was very friendly and helpful.


Very friendly staff. I am very pleased. I helped Mrs. Hania for what I am very grateful.


After years of struggles with his legs, finally, I landed at the right address. (I found it in the local Bielańska newspaper). Mrs. Hanna Suchecka has rescued me from a lot of subological trouble, for which I am her and a very grateful company.


From the year I was under the care of a subologist with Satin. My legs are serving me again and I do not have a scared. I’m really lucky that I’ve come to SATINU. Every visit is a pleasure. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. Thank you very much for being.


The staff was very friendly and helpful. I have been here for several years and I am very pleased. I recommend it to others.


It is very nice, lovically, professionally and I am very pleased with the effects. I recommend the cabinet to others.


Great atmosphere and really good service. I come here for three years and I am very pleased. Thank you all Satin staff!!!


Satin, and in it Mrs. Magdalena, is a nice, knowledgeable, industrous and well assertive person. I am very pleased with the treatments performed by HER (4 visits). I will recommend the company and Mrs. Magda in need.


I sincerely thank you for the great professionalism of services and medical competence. Thanks to Mrs. Kasi’s observations, I motivated myself to a necessary orthopedic visit. I am pleased with the service, nice atmosphere and competences of Mrs. Kasi.


Great service, professional and efficient. Leg healed – full satisfaction.


I sincerely thank Mr Andrzej Piotrowski for the professional diagnosis of my illness. After the first visit to Mr. Andrzej I left like a newborn I could put my feet without pain. It was impossible for several months. Today I was the fifth time on the visit and I am very pleased with the result of the treatments.


The first time I had a subological treatment. Great stuff. My feet have been back thanks to Mrs Hani. I’m going to dance.


Thank you very much for your professionalism, great smile and good atmosphere while not always nice treatments. Sorry to have disappeared the magnificent landscape behind the window, OH sorry! ? I fully recommend satin clinics.


Thank you for the treatments! Recovered! Well, that is the “hospital for Feet”. ?

Small patient

Thank you for treating my mom 3

Small patient

Thank you very much for the cure of my sister’s feet and regular nail cutting. It is really nice and pleasant. Everything is done quickly and very professionally.


From the wart hurt the leg, so I rush to the subologist.

Mr. Podolog Maca, Gmera and though hurt like Ch… Brave I am what the unmeasure.

Such a hero’s Dola!

Caroline, 18 wart

I come to treatments for the third year and I have not once suffered as before. Man Andrzej is the best.

Permanent Patient Grazyna

I have been a patient for over two years. Thank you Mrs. Hani for her professionalism, wonderful atmosphere, grace. Treatments (so often painful) are performed by Mrs. Hania with great tenderness.


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