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Duration: approx. 20-40 minutes

The relief already felt after the first visit
Securing the problematic place

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Causes of formation

  • Too tight or too small shoes
  • Constant pressure on the fingers and/or the midfoot (blisters often arise in physically active people)


Blisters are the separation of the epidermis from the dermis, which is filled with extravoutive fluid-serous. It acts as a protective function, acting antibacterial and securing deeper tissues from abrasions and accelerating the healing process. It is caused by mechanical irritation of the skin or in the course of certain diseases.

When to report to a subologist?

In many cases, blisters can be easily cured at home. If blisters occur frequently in one place, it is worthwhile to consult with a specialist to find the cause and optionally to choose the strain relief or to make individual ortosis or orthopedic inserts.

Often, when practicing sports, blisters on the soles overgrow with successive layers of calluses, which results in pain and prevents the correct regeneration of the skin. In this case, the subologist is able to quickly relieve and secure sensitive areas.

What does treatment look like?

The painful bladder is punctured, the fluid is removed, and the place is protected by appropriate preparations and dressings. In the case of dry and hard bladder residues problematic, the sensitive site is thoroughly cleaned of excess keratosis and secured. The Problem of blistering can be successfully solved already during one visit.

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