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A podology treatment or a classic pedicure

The classic pedicure has a nursing purpose, that is why all activities undertaken during the pedicure are used to obtain the best aesthetic effects. During the classical pedicure, traditional activities are performed, such as: cutting off the nails or removing unnecessary calluses combined with a relaxing massage or nail colouring.
This is completely different in the case of podological treatments, where the goals of care and aesthetic effects harmoniously combine with the most important task facing the podology, that is, diagnosing and treating problems arising within the feet and nails.

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Satin Bielany

Registration: 22 833 47 87
7 Podleśna st.
01-673 Warsaw
Monday – Friday 9:00 – 21:00
Saturday 9:00- 15:00 9.00 – 15.00

Satin Saska Kępa

Registration: 22 833 47 87
42 Francuska st.
03-906 Warsaw, Poland
Monday – Friday 9:00 – 21:00

Safety of treatments

When we are treating skin and nail diseases, all hygiene and safety rules must be followed. At the Satin Podology clinics,we always use sterile instruments or reusable instruments such as forehead tongs, side pliers, cuticle cutters, a two-sided probes, tweezers, milling cutters with diamond and stainless steel coating for the treatment of nails and skin. NIE!!!

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Thank you for your help. The problem with the painful corn has passed. I am after the first preventive treatment and I am very happy. I recommend the Satin cabinets to all my friends.

I just finished the warts treatment. Thank you very much. I fully recommend satin clinics.

Super cabinet. I felt like a doctor here. Recommend

Warts on feet – why they develope and how to remove them?

Warts are a common problem for many people, because it is easy to infect them. Sometimes they disappear by themselves. Sometimes, to get rid of them, you need to perform the appropriate treatment.

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Is it possible to treat viral warts in one visit?
Actually it is but it happens extremely rarely. It is because of the virus which is the cause of the skin blooming. Skin reaction on every action during visit depends on the patient’s immune system. In most cases it takes some time and lasts a couple of visits to get rid of the problem.

Magdalena Noskiewicz-Sieg

When does the podologic brace need to be put on a toenail?
Braces are used for healing ingrown or convoluted (hiding in nail folds) toenails. We use them especially when patients feel pain around the toenail, skin is red and swollen. If there is also an inflammation with effusion, we need to treat it first, to avoid irritation of the skin by a toenail, then a brace can be put on.

Magdalena Noskiewicz-Sieg

How long the ingrown toenail therapy lasts?
The ingrown toenail is a common problem and concerns patients in every age. Treatment duration depends on progression of disease, if there is inflammation with big pain and effusion (blood, pus and plasma) or redness and irritation only. In general cases the therapy lasts about a month, when we visit once a week. If the problem is bigger, sometimes it heals for 3 to 6 months, when a

Magdalena Noskiewicz-Sieg

Can I come to your clinic with a child who has viral warts on the hand?
Yes! We use practically the same methods to treat warts on both hands and feet. The same types of viruses lead to the emergence of those efflorescences on the skin. There are also no age limits to proceed with most of the procedures, excluding some preparations. You will know everything, pros and cons, in the consultation in the clinic.

Magdalena Noskiewicz-Sieg

Hello, my name is Rajah. My little finger hurts a lot. There is a small point on it which is very hard and painfull. I cannot wear almost any of my shoes except running ones. Is there any chance of having it treated at Satin?

Judging from the description you have a problem with corn. Our clinic specializes in, among others, corn remmmoval therapy. After the first appointment you will fell pain reliefed. Normally it takes about two or three apoinments to remove the corn fully. Feel welcome for appointment booking.

Michał Droszcz

Hello, recently, while walking I have this feeling of a rock felt like object stuck in my foot, somewhere below my right foots second finger. It drives me crazy. I was trying not to put pressure on in while walking and now my back is feeling sore too. Is there any chance of treating it at your clinic. Im backpacking this summer thru Poland and I want to fully enjoy it!
Judging from the description you have a problem with corn. Our clinic specializes in, among others, corn remmmoval therapy. After the first appointment you will fell pain reliefed. Normally it takes about two or three appoinments to remove te corn fully, but even after one appoinment you will be able to travel pain free. Feel welcome for appointment booking.

Michał Droszcz

Do I need to be specially prepared for the consultation in your clinic?
When coming on a consultation visit you don’t need to be prepared in any special way. On this kind of a visit what we do is to recognize the problem and find the solution, the best for the patient. If you have examinations, like bacteriological investigations or any other tests (MRI, X-ray etc.), please take them with you. Before the visit, you will need to fill the health condition form, so please come 5 min earlier.

Magdalena Noskiewicz-Sieg

Why do I need to fill the health condition form before the first visit to your clinic?
It is a very important part before consultation and the first visit. The podologist needs to know what kind of diseases, allergies the patient has and what kind of medicines he/she takes. What is very helpful during planning the whole therapy are information about previous therapies, physiotherapy, shoes that the patient wears most often etc. In our clinic we use very different preparations, plasters and devices, so all that information is absolutely essential.

Magdalena Noskiewicz-Sieg

I have just finished my appointment at dermatologist and I am diagnosed with a really bad case of plantar warts, almost 60 % of my right sole is infected with it. The only treatment the doctor has suggested was one with use of liquid nitrogen. He also said that I wont be able to walk for approximately two weeks because of the pain. Is there any less painful treatment that you can suggest?
Yes, of course, we can. In our clinic we are successfully treating warts with Swift. In this type of treatment with are causing no damage to the infected tissue, we are just warming it up with a microwave pen to o certain temperature. This treatment is only a little painful during procedure, and no pain occurs afterwards.

Michał Droszcz

Hello, in two weeks I'm starting my summer holidays, this year I want to do trekking in Austria, ten days. Yesterday, while I was cutting my toenails, I've spotted a small wart on my fifth finger (the small one). It has diameter of maximum 2 mm. Is there any chance of removing it before my holidays? It's not my first wart and I really don't want it to grow bigger.
Yes, we can help you. If it is such a small wart removing it shouldn’t take longer than two weeks. Before your holidays you will attend two appointments, and a checkup after your visit to Austria. Your wart will be removed both, mechanically and with use of acid.

Michał Droszcz

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