Subnail hematoma

Price: 150, 00 zł

Duration: 20-40 min.

Painless Treatment Methods
Immediate aesthetic effect

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  • Too small, too tight shoes
  • Sport (running, football, trekking)
  • Injuries and accidents
  • Orthopedic Deformities


The Subnail hematoma is a bloodshed under the nail plate caused by damage to the blood vessels. The volume of the hematoma depends on the trauma you have traveled. The fingernail has a dark, red-black colour.

When to report to a subologist?

Minor haematoma does not always require treatment. More serious injuries when the pressure on the fingernail causes soreness is worth to consult with a subologist. If the fingernail is firmly bulging, there is swelling around the matrix or you have a problem with the foundation of the shoe, we recommend you visit the office.

What does treatment look like?

The subologist can drill through the fingernail or otherwise remove the hematoma-the treatment is not to be painful. The removal gives an immediate painkiller and aesthetic effect. Disinfection and selection of formulations regenerating the bearing are important. With adequate early intervention there is a chance that the nail will rise to the placenta. It is important to observe the nail plate as it can infect with fungi or bacteria.

The subologist will inform you about ways to avoid the formation of hematoma-it is important to make the right footwear, appropriate shorting and grinding of nails, and possible abolition of the consequences of orthopedic deformation (e.g. by means of insoles).

Duration of therapy

The duration of therapy is very individual, depending on the rate of growth of the nail. If the injury was not big, there is a chance that you will keep your fingernail, and the hematoma will grow over time. Often, however, the nail after the injury does not stick to the matrix. Underneath it usually quickly begins to grow new nail. Most often we recommend leaving the old nail plate (if it is not a soft tissue injury), as it is a form of protection of the bearing from the action of adverse external influences.

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