Nail plate reconstruction

  • Price: 100, 00 zł
  • Time: approx. 30-40 minutes
  • Improved aesthetics with care for health
  • Safe Medical Products
  • Effect after one visit

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  • Lesions
  • Mechanical injuries
  • Effects of the Medicines


The reconstruction of the nail is a procedure for rebuilding a damaged nail using one of the many methods available on the market. For the reconstruction of the nail plate is most often used: gel, acrylic or silicone.

When to report to a subologist?

Reconstruct a fingernail can in many cases: when we want to protect the exposed nail placenta (tissue to which the nail grows), while conducting the treatment of ingrown nails or after a well-known mechanical trauma. The sooner we begin the process of rebuilding the nail plate, the safer and quicker it will be completed.

For patients, reconstruction treatment plays a aesthetic role in most cases. In the Satin cabinets we combine aesthetic qualities with care for health. The treatment is carried out in a non-invasive and painless manner. Although it is associated with a partial photograph of the plate is not in any way discomfort to the patient.


Modern technology allows to reconstruct the nail plate and effectively conceit existing shortcomings. A reconstructed and adequately protected fingernail should not cause problems after the therapy is completed. Inspection visits and proper, conscious care will allow us to cope with the problem once and for all.
All, used by us, reconstructions are made of the highest quality medical products, therefore they are very durable. The nail with reconstruction behaves like a natural plaque – it can be sawer and painted. For men, we use a reconstruction that is an excellent imitation of a natural tile.

Reconstruction of nails step by step

The reconstruction procedure begins with the thorough cleansing and grinding of the nail, and thus the removal of the elements, which will constitute an unnecessary load for the bearing. Depending on the case, you choose the best mass for reconstruction, most often gel or acrylic, to replace the natural nail or its part.
The procedure is performed with the observance of all safety and hygiene rules, it is completely painless. After the procedure, the subologist educates the patient on how to care for reconstruction.


The normal, natural process of growth throughout the nail plate lasts up to a year. However, in subological practice, preparations are used to accelerate growth and to protect both the placenta and the Toeniese from infection. As for the duration of therapy in the case of nail reconstruction, it is individual for each patient. It happens that the reconstruction undergoes only a small part of the plate, and the problem can be solved even during the first visit.



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Summer is not terrible, again I can enjoy beautiful looking and healthy fingernails. Thank you for your professional help.


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