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The activities of the Movement, the learning of the faithful or the familiarity with the plush foot are intended to help preschoolers understand that from an early age they have an impact on their health and that caring for the foot is as important as even daily care for their teeth.


Childhood is a time when habits and certain behaviors are shaping, so it is important that kindergartens, in which children spend a significant part of their time, are involved in promoting health attitudes among the youngest. The preschool environment is next to parents co-responsible for creating the right behaviors among children, while the proper development and health of their wards. Childhood is a time of heighted cognitive activity of a child. Unfortunately, not everything new is interesting for children. The key is the form of communication, which should be attractive in reception.

Healthy feet Workshops are an author’s educational program, which has been implemented since 2010, the goal of which is to spread the subological knowledge among the youngest. We know how to tell children about their feet in an interesting way, to listen to them and to identify themselves with the knowledge they have gained.
Preschoolers are most likely to learn the world through fun, so the participants of our workshops provide a priceless dose of joy and smile combined with a handful of knowledge, tailored to the age of the audience. We escape from bores by engaging children on many levels. In addition to health education, the aim of the workshops is to tame children with a subcologist’s profession and to realize that a specialist visit does not have to be something terrible.

Meet the footer

This lovable plush rabbit is an integral companion for our workshops. It makes it easier for children to listen to the subology and assimilates new knowledge. The footsteps become the hero of the children, encouraging them to play or learn the faithful, while teaching the right attitude of health.

Why should you take care of your feet?

Few of us know how much it is necessary to promote subological knowledge in Poland. The majority of patients in subcological cabinets appear only at a critical time (e.g. when pain prevents normal walking). And enough for regular prophylaxis to ensure your health and comfort within your feet. “Healthy feet workshops” have been created for the health of preschoolers ‘ feet because we believe that pro-health education will produce the intended results from an early age.
Our specialists have been dealing with children’s subology for years. Below are the conclusions we have been able to formulate by observing the children’s feet since 2006:

As many as 3 out of 5 preschool children have problems within their feet (Kurzajki, ingrown nails, finger wings, etc.).

A significant proportion of children have inappropriate footwear, which prevents the correct development of the feet.

Improper fingernails at the foot is the most common cause of ingrown nails in children.

Lack of adequate foot hygiene causes fungal infections, viral changes etc.

How do workshops look like?

The workshop of Healthy feet lasts about 45 minutes and takes part in the group Max. 25 children. The Healthy Feet workshop Program is thoroughly refined and tailored to the needs of specific groups. As part of the meeting:

We teach proper foot care.

  • Our specialists are people full of passion with a perfect approach to children. Using different forms of communication we realize the essence and the need to take care of the feet. The aforementioned footers play a very important role here.

We familiate ourselves with the profession of a subologist.

  • What does a subologist do? “,” When do we report to him? “,” What tools does the subologist use in my work? “– these are just a few of the passwords that are raised in a conversation with a specialist.

We conduct foot gymnastics in the form of fun.

  • Classes full of creative ideas provide children with a lot of fun, building in them on the occasion of the need for regular gymnastics.

We give a set of gadgets.

  • Obligatory each participant at the end of the workshop receives a set of gadgets with footer, full of coloring pages, guyware and souvenirs.

We provide guidance to parents.

  • We want all parents to learn how to take care of the feet of their consolation safely and correctly. Our expert group has created a handy brochure full of valuable advice, which we add to the gadget pack. In addition, each parent receives a special discount from us for visits to the Satin cabinets for themselves and their child.

Why should workshops be in your kindergarten?

  • Thanks to them, the offer of your nursery will be attractive for a free action with a unique theme.
  • You will provide your patient with a dose of fun, shaping their health posture.
  • You stand out from other establishments.
  • Parents of your preschoolers will be pleased with the participation of their children in educational workshops, the initiator of which is kindergarten.
  • You will earn a certificate of participation in the healthy feet workshops, which you can always stand out.

Become the hero of your kindergarten and invite your workshops to yourself!

We invite kindergartens located in Warsaw to attend the healthy feet workshops. If you are a Kindergarten Director/manager and want your wards to take part in a unique educational adventure, please contact us.

Are you a parent who wants your child to attend the workshops? Let me know and we will schedule a workshop with the manager of your nursery.


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Veronika Skalska

Coordinator of Healthy Feet workshops

The organizer of Healthy feet workshops is a network of subological cabinets of SATIN subology.


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