It is not known today that sport is health. However, in order to fully enjoy the effects of physical activity, the proper care of the feet and their constant control in the Subological office is extremely important.
Among the most common foot problems that affect active people are physically mentioned: cores and calluses, problems with nails, sweating or hyperhidrosis of the feet and deformities of the skeletal system. We know how to solve these problems effectively in the Satin cabinets.


Corals or calluses arise as a result of continuous pressure on the skin. In the case of physically active people, this is a fairly popular situation, resulting from a life-threatening mode, and what is often associated with poorly chosen footwear. Podologists in Satin not only effectively eliminate these problems, but also provide guidance and recommendations in the context of hygiene and self-care of feet at home.


The nails of athletes are often roughened, thickened or distorted. Too strong and regular foot pressure can cause the formation of subnails, and in effect even to peel off the nail from the bearing. Regular control of the feet of physically active people in the Subcological office allows you to react to the resulting problems and adjust the best treatment for your case.


Improperly chosen sports footwear or socks, the material of which does not pass air in conjunction with physical activity in most cases lead to increased sweating of the feet. This Problem promotes the development of fungi and bacteria, which can cause even more serious consequences. As part of the subological care for athletes during the visit specialists will recommend professional cosmetics and care preparations, and, if necessary, refer to detailed tests.


The rates of physically active people are particularly vulnerable to overloading. Neglecting this aspect can lead to deformities and orthopedic problems. An excellent prophylaxis or solution to this problem are individually selected orthopedic pads. Experienced physiotherapist in Satin already in one meeting, after careful analysis and examination, will prepare the inserts. Our Sidas inserts, specializing in orthopedic inserts for athletes, have a 2-year warranty.

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