Children's podology

We know perfectly how stressful for the youngest can be visits to the Subological office. Therefore, in the interests of children’s comfort in the Satin cabinets, we use the subological help of the youngest friend – footer. The footers are a lovable rabbit that helps you turn every visit into an unforgettable adventure with your fun and help.

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Ingrown Nails in children

Ingrown nails can even irritate infants. One of the main causes of the emergence of this problem is improper nail clipping, which in effect can lead to the build-up of the skin around the nail and the disorder of its normal growth. Ingrown nails are often accompanied by pain, redness and effvation.
Both boys and girls of school age do not allow parents to take care of their feet. They often improperly cut their nails, leading to their ingrown and in effect to the formation of inflammation. They mention the problem only when the pain and discomfort interfere with their normal functioning.
If we do not take care of this problem as early as possible, he may begin to induce more and more painful and subsequent complications.

Kurzajki in children

The chickens are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Although the infection can occur at any age, the most common patients struggling with this problem are children. The main reason is their much smaller, compared with adults, immunity. A child’s body is not always able to effectively defend itself against diseases or infections.

A particularly large group of patients are children aged around 12 years of age. This period is characterized not only by an insufficiently developed immune system, but also by a growing aspect of socialization. Frequent visits to the pool, in school locker rooms, barefoot walking, the use of common objects, cuts, abrasions or inadequate hygiene are the main factors in the formation of viral warts on the feet in children.

It is important to remember that the chickens will not disappear spontaneously, and in time they would only aggravate the pain symptoms. However, early detection can be removed in a short time. In the youngest patients, only a few visits are very often sufficient to completely get rid of the problem. However, it all depends on the individual conditionalities and regular care.

Fingerprints in children

Fingerprints on children’s feet, also called corneas, are places where there is excessive keratosis of the epidermal patch. They take the shape of round white-yellow dots, which unfortunately are very painful. Special discomfort can cause when walking. Fingerprints in children are most often caused by wearing uncomfortable footwear, but may also be associated with orthopedic deformations or weak foot blood.
In comparison with the problem of ingrown nails or Kurzajek, corals and calluses appear much less often on children’s feet. If your child complains of pain on the sole of the foot, do not underestimate it. Untreated problems can have a significant impact on the development and comfort of the toddler, they can hinder the proper walking and, in effect, contribute to poor posture.

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