A podology treatment or a classic pedicure

What is the difference between a subological procedure and a classic pedicure?


The classic pedicure has a nursing purpose, that is why all activities undertaken during the pedicure are used to obtain the best aesthetic effects. During the classical pedicure, traditional activities are performed, such as: cutting off the nails or removing unnecessary calluses combined with a relaxing massage or nail painting.

This is completely different in the case of podological treatments, where the goals of care and aesthetic effects harmoniously combine with the most important task facing the podology, that is, diagnosing and treating problems arising within the feet and nails.


A subcologist should be reported when there are disturbing skin lesions within our feet, such as corneas, calenders, calluses, chickens, dry and cracked skin or sweating. In the Subological office also received advice on bone deformities, eg. Bunions or flat feet. The specialist will also help us in case of complaints about the nail plate m.in. Fungal infection or ingrown and screwing nails. Diabetics should also be found under the constant care of a subcologist, as diabetes causes adverse changes in the foot, such as So-called. Diabetic foot.

Sometimes, people struggling with foot disorders, go to a beautician, instead of visiting a subologist. This is a big mistake, because cosmetic cabinets do not have adequate equipment for treatments, and even the most skilled beautician does not have enough knowledge to carry out specialized treatment. So the visit may end up deterioration of the condition of the feet or nails. This is especially the case when we go to a cosmetic cabinet to remove ingrown nails. This procedure requires the use of special tools and technical techniques, and should therefore be carried out by a professional subologist.


In the Satin subological office you can take advantage of a very wide subological offer. We also offer treatments combining subologies with other fields such as:

To properly diagnose problems within the feet and nails, it is crucial to carry out appropriate examinations. That’s why the Satin sub-cabinets offer:

Among the Satin cabinets offered by the subological procedures are:

In addition, the subological offices of Satin in Warsaw offer specialised subological care for pregnant women, children, athletes and diabes.


A subological consultation is aimed at checking the health of the feet, choosing suitable treatments and care and providing the patient with the knowledge needed to preserve the health of the feet and nails. A subologist can detect foot pathologies at a very early stage, which greatly facilitates their treatment. Routine subological consultation does not require any patient to prepare.
The specialist will conduct an interview on the condition of the feet, lifestyle and diseases. Then, after refreshing the feet, conducts their examination. Meanwhile, the patient can ask all the questions he is asking. If the podiatrist does not detect any abnormalities, it gives the patient a recommendation for care. The first consultation can also be an introduction to proper treatment if you find that there are some worrying changes.


Our skin and nails have certain functions and to be able to meet them should be constantly subjected to proper care. Even the smallest tissue rupture can be the beginning of a larger problem, which in later stages requires the help of a doctor and a subologist.
Remember that footwear selection, lifestyle and beauty treatments have a key impact on the health of your feet. Healthy, moisturized skin is more elastic and less prone to injuries.

The cause of foot problems is often disregard for many key issues regarding daily care and foot prophylaxis. In addition to genetic conditions, the most common cases are:

  • Improperly chosen shoes
  • Too frequent and deep cutting of skins
  • No skin moisting
  • Excessive nail length shorting
  • High Heels

Frequent workouts that strain your feet also increase the risk of developing many ailments. However, this does not mean that you should abandon the elegant look or the beloved sport!
Constant care of the subcologist and daily care will surely reduce the likelihood of pain and discomfort. Specialists in the Satin subological cabinet in Warsaw are many years of practitioners who have helped to solve the problems with the feet of more than 300 000 patients. Each case is treated individually, and recommended methods of treatment are a combination of effective solutions, modern tools and, above all, caring for the comfort and well-being of each patient.

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